we are #RaisingHope for families in our community

will have double the impact Thanks to the Stober Foundation’s commitment to match all funds raised during the Tree of Hope campaign


Together we can #raiseHOPE for families in our community.
The YMCA of Southern Interior BC and BGC Okanagan are hardworking charitable organizations that exist to tackle complex societal issues and help change lives for the better. We are excited to come together as our mission is united – to build a healthier community by providing safe, supportive, barrier-free and inclusive programming where children, youth and families thrive.
Over the past couple of years, the patterns of our lives have been disrupted in ways we could never have imagined. Thanks to the Tree of Hope, your donation will have double the impact – ensuring our organizations can continue to connect with people when they need us most.
100% of all funds raised and matched through the Stober Foundation stay local and will make vital resources more accessible than ever.
● Remove financial barriers to YMCA and BGC Okanagan programming for those who otherwise couldn’t afford to participate.
● Provide safe, supportive places where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop skills for life.  ● Give all families access to affordable child care.
● Ensure young people have the training and skills necessary to be successful in today’s workforce.
● Nourish children with breakfast programs, snacks and meals, as well as nutrition and food education.
● Support the mental health and resiliency of our young people through early intervention and wellness services.
● Send a child to summer camp where kids will stay engaged, active and learning while having fun.

In 1959, a group of concerned citizens in Kelowna came together to see what they could do to develop a safe place for boys to go after school. The same thing happened in Vernon in the 60’s and Penticton in the 70’s, and the rest is history….
What they knew, or quickly discovered, was that the club was a way to help kids, kids who really needed us. By providing a safe place, a place of belonging and positive role models, boys and then girls were developing into responsible young men and women, thanks to their involvement at the club. What do we want for our kids? In the end, every parent hopes for the same thing; that their child grows up to be a healthy, happy, successful adult. Sometimes that road is full of challenges, some of which are difficult to imagine. We focus on our four core programming areas: physical activity, health and safety; leadership, growth and empowerment; learning and career development; and family and communities.
We provide systemic opportunity to all children and youth. We help them become their best selves. We cheer them on as they take it from there, with confidence and conviction. All they need is opportunity because Opportunity Changes Everything.


The YMCA of Southern Interior BC, formerly the YMCA of Okanagan, is a hardworking charitable organization that is dedicated to strengthening the foundations of the community. We exist to tackle the broad determinants of health, including social isolation, inactivity, unemployment and poverty. We believe that everyone, regardless of the barriers they face, should have equal access to vital services for their health and overall well-being. Whether through YMCA programs focusing on health, fitness and aquatics, child development, disease prevention, youth engagement, child care, employment readiness, after-school enrichment, mental wellness or family support services, everything we do lays a healthy foundation for individuals and our community as a whole. Our goal isn’t to fix people’s challenges. Instead, we provide relevant and responsive programs to help them tap into their own abilities and shape a better future for themselves and their families. And we know that when people feel a sense of belonging through a supportive network that their health improves – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Your support makes this possible.