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Landmark District


The Tree of Hope beams bright not from the thousands of lights that are lit each year but also from the impact the charitable efforts have each year as it supports local charitable efforts that continue to improve the lives of our community members who need it most.
Albert and Sandra Stober's values have inspired the next generation to evolve the foundation to the next level. Their vision, led by Ken and Caroly Stober, is to take a progressive, forward-thinking, and sustainable approach to our philanthropic giving in support of innovative endeavours that seek to make our community and world a better place for all.

Each year, the Tree of Hope seeks not only light up our community with hope and holiday spirit, but also shed light on a complex social issue facing our community.
This year the focus is to address and elevate the conversation of “WOMEN AT RISK’. To that end, we have partnered with NOW Canada and Karis Support Society in order to come together for the common goal of raising up the vulnerable women and their children in our community.
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